Monika Sigeti started creating artworks in form of .gif within her long practice in photography and video works, which places her among rare artists in Serbia who have a decade-long experience in artistic expression though this digital format. Her art practice includes also works in technique of collages, collages-objects, drawings, digital applications, painting, spatial installations, performances and fashion design. Regardless of the media, her visual language is very strong and recognizable. Her work is characterized by issues of intimacy, eroticism and gender, which gives to her .gif works both dimensions of artistry and critique. Shortness and ephemeral character of the format turn scenes from everyday life into works of critique that discuss on cultural politics and position of contemporary artists at the time of global migrations and travels within art projects, residencies and study trips. She approaches cities differently from tourists, but also differently from architects, urban planners or historians of architecture. In her miniature .gif studies on life, art and urban issues, Monika plays with popular city brands, approaching them as familiar, domestic sites within which each artist and citizen feels as if being at home, no matter which part of the world they are in.

Sonja Jankov

.gif or intensive expressions