Autobiographic watercolours, aprox. 56x76cm, 2012.

Flux Likvida, 10th biennnial watercolor, Contemporary Gallery, Zrenjanin, Serbia, 2013.

Female group watercolor exhibition, curator Slavica popov, Contemporary Gallery, Ecka, Serbia, 2012.


Although very gentle, feminine and erotic, some of these works are on the verge of aggression and hatred. Love and hate are omnipresent, but one of them always has to overpower the other and take over more space. They as a conflicting concepts can't one without the other.

A series of watercolors present woman and her gentle, sensitive nature with all scars and trauma layers - layers that are cleverly hide beneath the apparent softness. Divided role of women carries a great burden. Might need to completely overturn traditional values in order to come up with innovative solutions in the understanding of the relationship of man and woman, and thus we can introduce a new practice in female-male relation.


Self-portraits, 25x35cm, 2016.


Double self-portraits: ambivalence, hypocrisy, multiple layers of one person, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.