(2011) My intimate worlds, 00:06:00

Video & sound editing: Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas.


I have shown a mini self-portrait, summarized in likewise miniaturized videos that are intertwined. By merging seemingly opposition themes such as presence and absence, artist’s isolation and public life, illusions about their antagonisms have been deleted. Contrast of the static geometrical photo-background and nearly transparent video images represent a dream of untouchable intimacy. Boxes as geometric frames are trying to preserve the intimate worlds.
This video-work was created by collecting different photo and video materials. Within it are embedded videos with pages of different magazines, video installations and short video excerpts from the private video-documented performance. At these video-clips paper-cuts with self-portrait appear, objects, transparent boxes, etc. As a basis for these short video clips I have used the photos of my installation of transparent plastic boxes and labels. The sound is obtained in a similar way - the collage. Sounds that are heard in the background: buzz of people, birds, waves and sounds of machines.

Working on new project  FLUIDS with video collages in Adobe After Effects. 
I am looking for musicians-collaborators for background sounds in several short videos.


(2014) Immersion, 00:01:34
Video editing: Mobile phone *HD camera, After Effects


Tranquility women's movement, then passionate bodily spasm. The figures are drawn on the floor, side by side. They are sticking together and randomly touching. Encountering and splitting, irreducibility, indivisibility, the need for inverting. Indoors the bodies are curled up, limited mobility, women in their search. Swimming or sinking in itself. Own body in the plural. The bodies coalesce into a common movable form. It is a movement of melancholy.

(2003) Home, 00:02:00

Part of Interactive installation and performance, Art residency, RP3, Belgrade (2003). The project culminates on the last day - at the opening, with the arrival of more public - then the video Home was filmed from the floor. In video other people entered our little and intimate world.
Real presence 2003, international workshop, Museum 25. May, Belgrade, Serbia