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2021 - 2023


Part of the screening:
Voice, Body, Language and Someone, @ Harvestworks Art and Technology, New York, 2021.
Supported by City Artist Corps Grant (The New York Foundation for the Arts and the New
York City Department of Cultural Affairs).

Part of the exhibition and screening:
Sala de Exposiciones de la facultad de Bellas Artes Madrid, Spain, 2023.
Jalovik Art colony, Jalovik, Serbia, 2021.



Sigeti Monika continuously uses multimedia art in her practice to express herself, creating in the domain of digital art, installations, photography, collages, drawings, watercolours, paintings, performances, and objects. In her works, she often uses her body in such a way that it becomes an artistic/narrative element that conveys a complex story about the individual in the age of mass media and about the self-conscious position of the artist in the world around her.

During the colony, the greatest inspiration for Sigeti was the stone sculptures in the park in front of the House of Culture, since they exist on the border between the artistic and the natural - although processed, these stones retain their dominant natural strength. To these carved stones, Sigeti adds new levels of artistic processing, through performance, then photography, then watercolour, then painting and finally the digital GIF format that is broadcast on the stage of the House of Culture.
She thus uses the existing sculptures as specific ready-made, through the process of appropriation, but she does not stop there, but additionally "processes" them through five other artistic media.

Sonja Jankov