The Outdoor activities series deals with post-lockdown ambiences, surreal landscapes inspired by colonial, idyllic: Toile de Jouy - mostly monochrome historical and pastoral scenes, printed on porcelain, tiles, dishes and fabrics.
I started this project to experiment with open space - landscape, which I have not dealt with until now. I wanted to see how I could revive flora and fauna, happy people in the meadow (Toile de Jouy) and put different situations in such an environment: staying at the cottage, making love in the car. The focus is on travel, exotic fantasies, as well as long-paused international exchange. There is also a need for physical touch not only in an erotic sense but for the natural exchange of energy.

Freed from the enormous pressure and fear of the uncertain that the entire human race has gone through, people are now turning more to themselves and their neighbours. What languished inside now wants to explode into the big outside. The internal dialogue has dried up and it wants to be aired.


Exhibited at Festival of Contemporary Art Danube Dialogues, gallery Bel art , Novi Sad, Serbia (2021)

Outdoor activities (2021)

It was too hot to be locked in the car, oil pastel on paper, 70x100cm, 2021.

It’s better to sleep with the nurse outside the house, oil pastel on paper, 70x100cm, 2021.