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I am working on a new project with photo-collages: Our precious bodily fluids. Follow my art process on Instagram monijela
I am looking for musicians-collaborators for background sounds in several short videos. If you're willing to contribute your music work, please write me at mail:

Recent exhibitions

and projects


2017, December 22 & 23

GLUEHEADS#9, U10 Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia


2017, December 23

Festival Urban Street Art, Gallery ULUV, Novi Sad, Serbia


2017, November 3

Portrait of Sishima Kamikija, Gallery Maruhi, Tokyo, Japan


2017, August 25-28

Festival Urban Street Art, Ribarac, Novi Sad, Serbia


2017, July

Art Colony, Vranje, Serbia

2017, June
Ten years of existence, video installation,

Magacin Kraljevića Marka 4-8, Belgrade

2017, March 16
Home excercises, ART GET, Belgrad

2017, January 6
RISHA ZINE 001: Chaos issue Premiere 3, 61,  

rue de l'Oise, 75019 Paris, France

2016, November 14
Vojvodina Hungarian painting,

Vajdasági Magyar festészet, 

Backa Topola, Subotica, Kula, Serbia

2016, February 22
Opening my solo exhibition, AUTOSAVED DRAWINGS (2000-2016),

Mali likovni salon, Novi Sad, Serbia


gallery/kulturni centar beograda vežbe

Exhibition Home excercises, ART GET, Belgrade, 2017.


I'm very happy because of participation in project by Sishima Kamikija a.k.a. Minako Shirakura (Tokyo): Re-reflection Self and Other than Self. The book looks great! Portrait of Sishima Kamikija by Monika Sigeti and Self-portrait after Monika Sigeti.
I never met her, never even saw, and I drew it by instinct, spontaneously. It turns out that she actually looks like that!

gallery/srca-monika sigeti

RISHA ZINE 001: Chaos issue Premiere 3, 61, rue de l'Oise, 75019 Paris, France, 2017.


I painted the captain's house. Street and Urban Art festival, Ribarsko ostrvo, Novi Sad, 2017.

gallery/thumbnail (2)

A Reading Room with One Book and Thirteen Pairs of Portraits
by Sishima Kamikija / Minako Shirakura
at Gallery Maruhi
Date: 3 (Fri) – 8 (Wed)  November, 2017   *6 (Mon) gallery closed
Hours: 11am – 7pm (Last day 11am – 5pm)
Address: 2-33-1 Nezu, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan