Exposed at Mali likovni salon, Novi Sad, Serbia, 2016.

Autosaved drawings is a series of drawings that is integrated into autobiographical narrative, experiential, body and eroticized text, displaying directed and non-directed events / moments from everyday life. Formed in the year 2000 to date, a series of drawings is a kind of speech in the first person through which express individual mentally, physically, ethically, (erotic!) and political forms of conduct: intimate moments, romantic partners, family, friends, gay, music, parties and drinks, conflicts, masturbation, sex, sensuality and seduction. Like a quick and often incomplete records, Autosaved drawings are emotional impressions (fingerprints!) on paper, talking about the performance of women (self-reflexive!) subjectivity, interpreting and questioning the related private and public, womanhood / femininity and manhood / masculinity, ethics and eroticism. In this way, a series of drawings, indicating the autobiographical diary, chronicle hand recorded situations, places and emotions, thus undermining the form of conventional (family) photographic albums. The name itself Autosaved drawings refers to a computer on the automatic and periodic recording of an open document, which sets as its goal reducing the risk of data loss. In this regard, a series of drawings becomes open document (work in progress) that there is always automatically and periodically captures, recording a backups of memories and experiences, time and space.

Andrea Palasti

Older drawings