Double trouble, watercolours on paper, A3 , 2016.

Watercolours (2019)


New watercolours are inspired by digital existence and multiple personality issues. 


Double Trouble (2016) 


Double is a series of watercolour self-portraits. Very intimate portraits are a confession of the artist's experience of a lonely married life in Slovakia. The portraits show conflicts, dissatisfaction and divided interests within the marriage. This is another series of watercolours in a series of works from 2012. that have an autobiographical approach to painting. Unlike watercolours: Hidden Conflicts (2012), the artist now deals exclusively with portraits, more precisely with self-portraits that are a mirror of her condition.


Exhibited at DRAWN (OVER): Contemporary drawing from LeRoy Neiman until now, Tomas Vu & Mirjana Dušić - Lazić, Museum of contemporary art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia (2018).

Watercolours on paper, 56x76 cm , 2019.