Do I need You?



Exhibited at:
Prima Center Berlin, Germany, 2019.
Gallery SULUV, Novi Sad, Serbia, 2020.
Painting in the age od mediation, Curator Sava Stepanov, Gallery of contemporary art -
City Museum Sombor, Serbia, 2020.



Performative auto-erotic portraits share space of the screen/form with segments from reality such as rubber gloves, a plastic banana box or a mocking Whoopee cushion. All these objects allude to the missing dimension of the virtual image, which are the omitted sensory stimuli and emotions, omnipresent in real space: sound, touch or suffering. I used digital applications that duplicate the desired body and face movements, while simultaneously translating them into a completely new depiction, whether it's a photograph or video. I then transferred this process to canvas, adding new fragments to it. The human body becomes an object equalized with other objects. In my paintings, I am as one-dimensional as the floating scenes around me. Multiplied portraits are a preventive duplication of oneself: fear and escape from post-internet alienation. I examine the capacities of the performative in classical painting, focusing on scenes of kissing, swallowing, or drowning. Digital transformation of the body extends our physicality into new forms of appearance within the virtual, our other, now no longer insignificant existence. Available software allows us endless prosthetic alterations and enhancements. We have received free online virtual surgery. And we share our new hybrid bodies with each other.