Not rubberized enough, acrylic on canvas, 110x140cm, 2019.

Today our identities are mediated through technological prostheses, avatars, and mobile phones. We have a growing need for visibility and self-presentation. The boundary between the outer appearance and what is within us is lost. We can't see it clearly. It's this digital flipping, the volatility. How authentic is that how we portray ourselves?

Increasingly, we are being shown simulated, mediated through technologies. Social media has affected us all, both mentally and emotionally. They transformed aesthetics and culture.



Exhibited at Prima Center Berlin, Germany (2019); 

Gallery SULUV, Novi Sad, Serbia (2020).


It is very delicious, acrylic on canvas, 110x140cm, 2019. 

You hid something, acrylic on canvas, 110x140cm, 2019. 

I can't hear you while I look at you, acrylic on canvas, 110x140cm, 2019. 

Do I need YOU? Prima Center Berlin, Germany (2019)

I only showed some of the senses I do not experience through photography: sound, smell, touch. I have shown the associations of the senses in the form of quotations, like the windows browser that appears here and there above these portraits. So here we have an inter-specific correlation of different quotes and comments. A mass, fast-paced culture is matched by a collage process, a quote, .. first-person speech and a subjective world. Collage remodelling, transfiguration, re-positioning, artwork quotes, a features of a capitalist accelerated society.

Preparations in progress, acrylic on canvas, 110x140cm, 2019.