15 Nightgowns


Exhibited at 21st Biennal of Art - WASHOUT, Curator Sonja Jankov,
Gallery of Contemporary Art, Pancevo, Serbia, 2024.


I developed a site-specific installation consisting of a sculptural ensemble - hanging
Nightgowns and two video projections. This work is based on a dialogue between the fields of clothing and sculpture. At the same time, it is an existential cry that speaks the last testimony.

The rest of materiality thus becomes a consequence of inevitable transformation through permanent physical disappearance. Each piece of clothing is a document of life's journey, but also of the losses that followed that thin thread. Textiles that caressed the warm flesh are now only thinned silk or polyester. We see clothes in correlation with the body, but that is only the starting position, it is much more than that. What our body wears also positions us, and creates the first impression about us. Do we own the commodity or does the commodity own us? Clothing is part of the construction of identity, it bears witness to transience, shortcomings, a time and space framework that limits and burdens.
Nightgowns in different pastel shades are connected one after the other, tailoring
the path of a woman. They create a twisted, continuous oblong form that can be read
chronologically as a dream world, in which, like everyone before and after her, she will
spend a third of her life.